99.9% UV Blockage

Reduces the impact of harmful UV rays by 99.9%, preventing fading of your window coverings and possessions

Reduces Condensation

Reduces condensation by 50% on the glass surface, thus diminishing window dripping and the potential influx of mold contamination.

Enjoy Comfort

Reduces heat penetration through glass (IR) by up to 91% in the summer and reduces heat loss in the winter

Our Nano Thermal Coating reduces the heat entering your home in the summer and reduces the heat exiting your home in the winter. This translates to not only energy savings year round, but also a more comfortable and ideal space in all seasons.

Save money on your power bill. Our NanoThermal Liquid coating will help you to save up to 27% in energy consumption. You will be able to enjoy your outdoor view all year long without having to cover it with shades.

Do You See The Difference?

One of these two windows is coated with SketchNanogard. Can you tell which one is coated?