The thermal insulation of window glass is a big issue, especially in buildings with a large majority of glass, as the weakest link in insulating a building has always been glass. Research and development of glass has been limited to adding a barrier through additional panes and/or adding gas between panes to produce a thermal barrier. Research began on nano-coatings in the mid 1990’s which could easily be applied on glass. It had to have the ability to cut infrared penetration as well as be able to block UV rays in order to succeed. It was found that these coatings greatly exceeded the performance of traditional window films of the time, as well as to the present day.
As a result a product was developed which reduced summer air conditioning bills 16% to 26%. Compared to the cost of window replacement, this coating proved to be highly economical, whilst reducing the inconvenience of window replacement to the clients.

Colder climates also benefitted from this coating. The nano-coating kept the interior warmth from escaping through the windows. This heat retention effect was outstanding, and it was obvious that heating costs could be greatly reduced as a result.  In 2016 this coating was introduced on the Canadian Market.

nSYNERGY, a Canadian Company, formulated its own nano coating; mCOAT ,to add more clarity, better performance and better coverage, all while targeting the challenges of our Canadian climate. Improving the energy efficiency, look and performance !

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